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Coco Khmer is raw, premium, chemical free, virgin coconut oil, entirely made and packaged by hand. Our premium VCO is cold-pressed from fresh coconut meat. Eating it raw or cooked in your favourite meal strengthens internal health while its sweet coconut flavour makes it perfect for oil pulling. Our no-heat natural extraction method produces a beautiful water-clear VCO with low viscosity which allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin and hair for maximum nourishment.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Our 100% natural coconut-based 'Everyday' products are designed to nourish, heal, and cleanse inside and out. Everything we make is free from synthetics, chemicals, or petroleum-based ingredients, sustainably crafted for our team our planet and you.

Coco Khmer Everyday

Coco Khmer

Coco Khmer Lifestyle is a brand extension of Coco Khmer and focuses on 100% natural premium skincare and other general products designed to enhance overall living and simply be the best thing you put on or in your body. 


Lifestyle -

Aspire, sustainably

Coco Khmer empowers disadvantaged individuals by providing access to long-term financial stability, education and social services. We are building a strong coconut industry from the ground, up, providing opportunities to small-sharehold farmers and people living in underserved rural and urban communities. Building upon a solid foundation in triple bottom line economics, Coco Khmer is a unique social enterprise that is finding value in a closed-loop production cycle while establishing a sustainable future for disadvantaged Khmer people.