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Formulated to relax tired muscles, ease stress, moisturize and rejuvenate mind and body. It also helps to keep biting insects at bay.


- Virgin Coconut Oil – Contains nutrient rich moisture that penetrates easily into skin. It contains anti- bacterial properties and fats and proteins which help repair dry or damaged skin.

- White Beeswax – Naturally sunbleached and filterned to create a smooth, soft wax, that glides on easy and Forms a natural barrier between the environment and your delicate skin, keeping the elements and pollution out but locking moisture in. It can also ease chaffing between clothing and sensitive skin

- Jojoba Oil, Simulates the skin’s natural sebum and provides rich nutrient filled moisture to dry or damaged skin.

- Vitamin E is plant-based, natural and hypoallergenic. It offers deep moisturizing and repairs damaged skin.

Moisturizing Body Balm

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